Driving around in Lebanon

What is a better experience than discovering the country by local transport? Many times we have taken the local bus, which always ends up being one big adventure.  There are no rules, everything is possible here. You stand wherever the bus passes by and you simply wave to get in. This also means that during the ride the bus stops lets say.. several times. If someone in the bus wants to stop to get some snacks they just tell the driver and he/she will wait for the passenger to get back. Or.. if you want to buy beers, that’s fine too, but don’t forget to also buy one for the driver. A little bit of music, beers and some cigarettes: completely normal and no one cares. Nobody uses the traffic lights, and passing other cars on the right as well as the left side is allowed.

Bus ride from Beirut to Tripoli: 3000 LBP (1,70 EUR)

Driving drunk? Completely normal; sending messages and bus drivers that try to set up a marriage with you and their sons or nephews? completely normal. If you want to listen to your music and entertain the others, just give the driver your phone and start a little party. No strict schedules and pressure for the bus driver to arrive at the destination on time. Hurry doesn’t exist in Lebanon. The ‘don’t worry and don’t hurry’ part of the culture is something the Dutch can definitely learn from. The first days this can be pretty frustrating, but if you change this mindset, it is pretty relaxing. Local transport is far from safe, but at least it’s ridiculously cheap and way more fun! 🙌🏼

One more fun fact. Many of you might know about the ridiculous prices to get your drivers license in the Netherlands. We suggest you to go to Lebanon, because it’s way cheaper and only has three easy steps. 1. You apply for a driver license at an office. 2. They give you a date to do an exam, the waiting list is looong. 3. You take an exam for which you don’t have to study, which basically means: make one u-turn. 4. You pick up your license. Already convinced to come to Lebanon? I definitely would if I didn’t have my license yet. Lastly, might you ever get the chance to drive in Lebanon: do whatever you want, drive as fast as you can, make up your own rules, and most important: don’t forget to honk as if you will never be able to do this again, because that makes you supercool here and you don’t get a 100 euro ticket .

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