Meet the project: 26 Letters

We, Jade and Amber, are working at the organization 26 Letters, a school in the centre of Beirut, Lebanon. The aim of 26 Letters is to Find, Teach and Inspire children who lack access to school or who are in need of extra educational support. Yet, what makes studying more fun? 26 Letters creates their own curriculum that adapts to the child’s interest, needs and wants. Expect to find classmates’ names or drawings of the kid’s favorite figure.

A little competition

Besides English, Arabic, math and history, the oldest kids receive interactive ethic classes. Here, the children (and the teachers) not only learn about their personal values but also about the values of others. The children learn that everyone is equal and that only oneself can define who he/she is. 26 Letters strives to expand the border of the children’s social, educational, professional, and personal development.

Mmmm Icecream

Enough education for today, because education should be fun too. 26 Letters rewards the children for their good work. Think about ice cream after class, beach days and movie nights.



However, this goal isn’t enough to describe what 26 Letters actually is. Most importantly, it is a family of students and teachers. Where everyone is welcome and feels at home. We are brothers and sisters who are welcomed to the fullest by the founders Janira, Tamar and German. We are not only teaching the students, but get inspired by their lives and dreams. We are laughing and playing with them and secretly we also learn a lot from our wonderful students. We are very happy and honored to be a part of this lovely family! Watch these videos. You might want to become part of the family too (and you can!).

You can contribute to this beautiful project. A small amount of money will have a big impact:

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