Building global friendship

In five weeks Jade and I became not only customers, but also friends with the owners of our favorite local vegetable store in Sanayeh, Beirut. Even when we could go to another one nearby our apartment, we always went here because the connection we got with the family was worth walking a couple meters more. We could barely understand them due to the language barrier, but luckily the son named Wassim was able to speak English. We practiced our Arabic with them, and the father tried to speak English with us.

Unfortunately, this family that had to fly from Syria during the war, is not able to pay for education for their children. Our conversations were limited, but the smiles on their faces and the hugs we got from the children were enough to create a special relationship. Wissam knew I had an obsession for watermelon, so he always made sure he gave me the best one left. I didn’t even have to ask; he knew I would get one every time I came and he always asked me politely if the last one I got was good. When we come back, we hope to see this family again and that they have found a way to support their smart children who should have the possibility to go to school.

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